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Concrete Wall


​​I was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. My mother is German, my father is Panamanian, so I guess I am a Puertorrican mixed dog of sorts. I consider myself a universal citizen with very strong Puertorrican roots.

I went to a Jesuit High School in Puerto Rico and then studied a BA in Political Science at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY in New Jersey. I studied Law in Puerto Rico, and went in between to the New York Film Academy in 1996, where I got my first taste of Filmmaking. I finished my law degree in 1999 and left the next day to Germany to pursue my dream to become an artist and filmmaker. I never liked being a lawyer! I moved to Germany, studied fiction film direction and advertising direction at the renowned ACADEMY OF TELEVISION AND FILM of MUNICH (HFF MUNCHEN).


For me, film is a way of expressing my ideas, and desires. It is a way of showing that I am "Alive and Kicking", as The Simple Minds would say. In terms of aesthetics, the filmmakers that influence my visual style the most are: Krysztof Kieslowski, Stanley Kubrick,  David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Jonathan Glazer, Robin Kempe-Bergman, Chris Cunningham, Michael Mann, Zhang Yimou, Jacques Audiard, Julio Medem, Christopher Nolan and David Lynch. They are all great in their own kind of way.​​


I love sports: surfing, basketball, tennis and everything beach-related. My heroes: Kelly Slater, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali. And not to forget. I was born on an island, so the ocean is my second home.​ "See you in the water", as we say in Puerto Rico.

MAIN PORTRAIT Philip Escobar Jung.jpg

pic by Julian Erksmeyer

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